Whitney Elementary 

Whitney Old Building

The original Whitney School building was a two-story, red-brick building.  It was annexed into the Boise School District in 1923.  That building burned to the ground in 1924. 

A new Whitney building was built in 1925 to house students from the fast growing West bench area.  Growth continued and 2 more additions were added in 1936 and 1946 to complete the building that would stand until 2009.  
Whitney New Building

Whitney has always been  a good school and has served the community well.  It was one of the first schools to have new playground equipment installed.  It was also the first school to have a grassy playground.  In 1946 Principal Langlois grew tired of the muddy field, and came up with the idea of planting grass for the play area.  He took care of the grass the first year, and then the school district took over and maintained the grass from then on.  Mr. Langlois was the first full-time principal in the Boise School District, all previous principals had been teaching principals. 

In the 2008-2009 school year, a new Whitney Elementary building was built on the south side of the property.  The old building continued to be used while the new building was constructed.  It was a bit noisy for the classrooms that were close to the construction, and the children had to play on the blacktop because their grassy play area was fenced off during the building process, but it was fun to watch the new Whitney building constructed from the ground up. 

The 2009-2010 school year began with lots of curious people coming to visit, the finishing crew still working on the building, and many excited children and teachers.  The finished building is beautiful, roomy, and full of great technology!  There is a ball field, a walking track that goes around the field, and once again we have a beautiful grassy play area.